Award Winning Bridal Photography

Award Winning Bridal Photographer - Tampa, FLDid you know bridal magazines that feature award winning shots are typically photographed in a studio?

With over 25 years experience, our senior photographer Daniel St.Pierre admits he’s not met another photographer that’s able to capture bridal magazine quality shots on location using low, available lighting.

Want proof?

Check out his Award Winning Flash Portfolio and see for yourself. All the wedding photographs in Daniel’s portfolio were captured on location, with no additional lighting other than a top mounted external flash, which he’s mastered over the last two decades.

Making Average People Look Great…

Over the years, one of the best compliments Daniel received is summed up into one phrase, “Daniel, you make average people look great!” He’s captured several hundred thousand photos since 1985, and feel he has adequately learned how to best photograph his subjects. Daniel and his team are confident they can help you look your very best.

Are you in the market for an experienced, easy going wedding photographer that will effortlessly guide you through taking great photographs?

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