Don Cesar Resort Wedding Photographer, St Petersburg, FL

bride-tossing-bouquetThe Don Cesar Resort in St Petersburg ranks among the most endearing resorts I ever seen, period.

Earlier today, I photographed a wedding between two Christian teachers that truly moved me in ways very few wedding can, and have.

I have to admit, my expectations were very high, as the “Don” is such an opulent venue I could only imagine the way the night was going to go down considering the huge, fully stocked wide open bar stocked with top brands…

But nope! Nothing went wrong! Not a single misconduct penalty! Except, of course, for the lovely bride who got a bit tipsy off a half flute of Champagne after eating next to nothing all day. :)

Fir a change, a solid group of Christians put together an amazingly clean wedding where there was in fact, an open bar!

The character of the people present at today’s Don Cesar wedding matched by the extraordinary professionalism displayed by the resort staff turned an event headed for disaster, into a truly blessed wedding that did give praises to God.

I recall my first photo opp at the Don Cesar was in 2002, when I was blown away with the magnitude of the place considering its prime location along the Tampa Bay, overlooking downtown St Petersburg, FL.

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