The Eachine e58 Drone – World’s Most Popular Camera Drone!

Arguably, the Eachine e58 drone is the most popular portable camera drone in the world.

This review covers drone performance and overall user experience and for starters, I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE this little drone!

I got my first e58 in August 2020, after flying racing drones for about a year.

I was very impressed with the features in the App, and although I was able to fly this drone FPV, the Wi-Fi lag makes it very difficult to fly outdoors and all but impossible to fly indoors.

Here is the Eachine Demo for this drone:

While it certainly looks like a DJI Mavic 2 Mini, the Eachine e58 is a very basic drone with a low quality 1080P camera that captures blurry 4K photos and choppy 1080P video through the App, directly on mobile phones memory.

I love taking this drone with me wherever I go; it’s very small and the carrying case fits perfectly in the doors of our Grand Caravan or Silverado truck. It’s ready to fly, and can get airborne in just a few seconds:

The camera quality is mediocre, at best. But, as I mentioned, it’s super portable and RTF so in my book, it’s the perfect camera drone for beginners or experienced pilots like yours truly who love to fly on a shoe string budget.

Here’s some camera footage of the Eachine e58 drone:

The e58 drone is equipped with a 120° wide-angle 1080P HD camera that can be adjusted manually, and of course, it does flips, flies headless and has 3 speed grades.

The controller can accommodate large phones, but not thick ones. I have a phone case so my phone doesn’t fit the transmitter unless I remove my phone case which is a pain…

You can fly the e58 using the App and your phone’s gyroscope, but again, the slow Wi-Fi will likely cause a crash.

To keep up my eye/hand coordination, I like to fly this drone indoors, LOS with the transmitter once a day when my kids are watching The Price Is Right… :D

All in all, a fantastic little drone that’s not only cost effective, it’s a TON OF FUN!!!

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