Top Notch Photo Editing & Post-Production

Photo Editing for Wedding {icturesOur  senior wedding photographer Daniel St.Pierre shares it’s a fact more than half the brides he worked with over the past 20 years had acne. All the makeup in the world can’t mask bumps from pimples that sprouted the night before your wedding. The good news is, Daniel and his team of skilled photo editors are masters at using Adobe Photoshop to make the imperfections go away – like magic!

Because these are likely to be the most important photographs of your life, Daniel and his team fully understand the finished product calls for near perfection. This is why Daniel typically includes minimal photo editing and post-production with each wedding photography package we customize for brides and grooms.

Award Winning Post-Production

Capturing photographs is hard enough, few photographs are also able to excel at photo editing or post-production as well. However, as Daniel matured as a wedding photographer, he was also busy mastering Photoshop which he’s grown to love, and uses daily.

Follow this link to see an example of the amazing photo editing quality included in our packages.

If you’re in the market for an experienced wedding photographer with extra-ordinary post-production skills, we invite you to contact us with any question you have about Daniel St.Pierre, any associate or assistant photographer or this website.

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