We Are Different

Q. What sets Daniel and his team apart from other Wedding Photographers?

A. Aside from award winning photography and over 20 years experience, Daniel St.Pierre is a purpose driven man of Christian faith. By choosing Daniel for your wedding, you do so knowing your photographer is not involved in pornography or any other secular photographic venture not glorifying to God.

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Additionally, Daniel and his associate photographers “get the shots.” What does that mean? The dazzling wedding photographs you see on the internet, on this website and that of other photographers are a result of years of experience. No amateur in the world, or junior photographer can come close to producing the quality of photographs we capture every time we partake in a wedding event. Consider this, the most beautiful wedding photographs you see online have been edited using some kind of software, typically Adobe Photoshop. While many post production artists can eventually turn a average shot into a great photograph, no one can create a photo without a proof, a negative, without an original shot.

We capture these shots, period.

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Wedding Photographer in Brooksville, FL

Described as the utmost in Christian wedding photojournalism, our senior photographer Daniel St.Pierre (see his Flash Portfolio >>) and his associates deliver extraordinary coverage of wedding events no matter the location. Plus our post-production values are described as ‘simply amazing’. See a photo editing sample for yourself >>

The fact we have years of experience interacting with our subjects comes in handy when trying to shoot those ‘perfect shots’. Since most our subjects are not professional models, they often require ‘directing’ which makes a world of difference in the overall quality of the photographs.



Beware of wannabe professional photographers!
With the evolution of affordable digital cameras it seems many people have magically discovered they have a talent for photography. The truth of the matter is while anyone can point a camera and hit a shutter button, not everyone knows how to compose, frame and focus award winning photographs. Beware of amateurs that specialize in deception and excuses rather than results.



Studio Photographers versus Event Photographers
While studio photographers may be good at working with professional models, props and studio lighting, we specialize in location photography using available light and actual people. It is important to know during weddings, every second counts since there is often no possibility of recreating ‘the moment’.



It’s your day – We will work with you!
Our clients prefer their wedding to be documented through the essence of photojournalism so future generations can see what ‘really’ happened. While photojournalism and candid shots are the hallmark of our award winning photography, we are aware that you may want photographs taken in various styles. It’s your day, and we’ll work with you to achieve the styles and poses you prefer.



Wedding Photographer in Dade City, FL

We often provide two experienced professional photographers at larger events (the second photographer is more than just an assistant). Our photographers are unobtrusive. We do not attempt to ‘create’ the day by constantly intruding or trying to stage moments, we believe this makes photographs look artificial and stiff.

We shoot most locations ‘on-stage’ and ‘backstage’ creating seamless scenes. Black and white photography is one of our passions as black and white processing allows us to use more natural light, without having to rely only on a flash or additional lighting.



Award Winning Multimedia Production
Our digital photo albums and multimedia slide shows are produced by established professionals and delivered promptly, either online, by email and/or burnt on CD/DVD.

Sample DVD Slideshow Album



Our optional print work is handled in a high quality professional lab, using our strict specifications. Our finished print photo albums are made of the finest materials, to protect your photographs and show them off in style.

Wedding Photographer in Temple Terrace, FL

We want you to recapture the sense of magic that unfolded during your wedding or special event when you look at your photographs as the years go by. The extra touches we put into every occasion make all the difference.

We invite you to contact us with any question you have about Daniel St.Pierre, any associate or assistant photographer or this website.

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