Black & white photography has been a passion for Daniel St.Pierre since the day he first picked-up a camera. One of his first assignments was in black & white, and this nostalgic type of art continues to rank at the top of his list of assignments since he first got involved in black and white wedding photography back in Montreal in 1985.

But, to Daniel, there’s a lot more to capturing great black & white wedding photos than changing the camera setting to black & white. Because camera sensors do not react the same way in monochrome as they do in full, 16 million colors and above, exposure is key to great wedding photography when shooting in black & white.

Award Winning Black & White Photojournalism

With countless wedding under his belt, Daniel St.Pierre gives praise to the Lord for the countless amazing photo opportunities he’s been blessed with in the United-States, Canada, Europe and even Africa.

Some of his photos have been the recipient of awards, thanks to wonderfully gifted subjects, or simply being at the right place at the right time. Either way, Daniel is grateful for the numerous award he’s received over the years, and he gives all the glory to God almighty.

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