This section is reserved for past and current clients looking to access their files online or, to allow guests to review online photo albums, videos and digital documents prepared by us and/or our sister company based in Tampa, Glorious Media Group.

To access your client files or review any project, please type in your access code in the text box below. If you are a client and do not currently have an access code or have lost your code, please email us and include details as to your project specifics so a member of our staff can forward your access code:

Lost your access code?
Clients that have lost their access code are invited to contact us by email to retrieve or reset their access code. Since access code are verified and delivered by email, please do not call to obtain access codes. In the event you would like to retrieve or reset your access code, please send an email to accesscode@christianphotographer making certain to include your name, event date and any other details pertaining to your account.